About Us

If you can imagine a design for your company, we can materialize it. Effective web design connects you with your audience. We provide information architecture, design, development, hosting and ongoing support to create your dynamic online presence.

Simply put, we would not have been able to produce our product without iCambridge. Not only did they contribute creatively, they were able to absorb preexisting styles and work well with our team. Their positive attitudes during the long hours and intense deadlines proved invaluable during our 1 year project.
Christopher Pitts, Producer, Monitor Group

Our Services

Mobile First

With the surge of powerful mobile devices, the role of the Web as a platform for content, applications and services on these devices is increasingly important.

Content Management

With minimal training, your staff will be able to change text and image elements of the pages on the web site, and add new pages using a simple web-based interface.

Good Web Design

A well-designed Web site needs to deliver the same things as most other examples of good design; by fulfilling its intended function efficiently and engagingly.

Secure Hosting

As a secure cloud hosting provider, iCambridge is the perfect hosting solution for web applications. Our hardware and network environment ensures your website loads quickly and without interference.